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On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Book Tour Grand Finale for
Scarred Beauty
By Jennifer Silverwood

Vynasha's journey continues in this Beauty and the Beast retelling. We hope you enjoyed finding out more about this fantasy world. If you missed any stops, go back and check them out now...

Launch - Fanart Contest

Do you create fanart? 

Jennifer is offering extra entries on her tour giveaway and a special giveaway
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Magic & Machines - Mount Grimm

Deep in the enchanted forest across the Silver River which flows through the Wylder Mountains, is the last hold of the humans. Before Soraya the Enchantress cursed the land, the King declared war against all majikal peoples. Humans were quick to blame their troubles on the mirror folk and aided the King in his purge. Clans and villages of majikal folk scattered throughout the Wylderlands banded together to fight a losing battle against the King’s superior forces.

Her life had been forfeit the hour the Prince locked her in the dungeon like one of his beasts. Being enclosed in near-absolute darkness made the hours crawl past and Vynasha’s mind was beginning to betray her. Had it only been a few hours since he’d left her alone with nothing but the echoing howls of her fellow beastly prisoners for company?

Wishful Endings - Excerpt

“My time as the beast is different,” Grendall said, “measured by base instinct rather than conscious thought. Our blood bond kept me aware enough to remember the reason I was there. I had to make sure you made it safely out. The wolves would have taken you if I hadn’t found you.”

Falling Leaves - Excerpt

“Vynasha?” Grendall’s weary voice woke her and his fingertip brushed over hers. “What were you dreaming about?”

The slight comfort of his contact and the soft blue light shining at her through the hole was enough to orient her again. She released a shuddering sigh as she replied, “My father…”

What, if any, “hot-button” or controversial topics do you touch on in your book?

This is not your average Beauty meets and falls in love with her Beast. Sometimes the heroine must be her own hero. In our heroine, Vynasha’s case, she was already scarred before she was lured to the Beast’s clutches. And while she may indeed love him, she has chosen to take matters into her own hands. No “hot-button” topics here in todays’ modern era. Just a tale old as time about a scarred girl who learns ugliness is a matter of perspective, and that it’s okay to embrace her inner monster to rescue the ones she loves.

fuonlyknew - Forgotten Village

Deep in the enchanted forest by the Silver River which flows through the Wylder Mountains, is a village of the Forgotten. Before Soraya the Enchantress cursed the land, the King declared war against all majikal peoples. Clans and villages scattered throughout the Wylderlands banded together to fight a losing battle against the King’s superior forces. Until only a single village was left, a remnant of the Forgotten and displaced. The King’s former wolfmen warriors chose to abandon their liege and named themselves the Forgotten Protectors of the land.

High in the northernmost reaches of the Wylder Mountains, across the Silver River and enchanted forest, rests the Lost City. Now a dark and forbidden place, it was once called the City of Light, before Soraya the Enchantress cursed the land. Ruled by a mad king who prized wealth and opulence over his people, those who lived within the City enjoyed a life of privilege. A mysterious evil turned the king’s heart to darkness, however, a poison he forced upon his son and heir.

Mel's Shelves - Whistleande Village

Excerpt from J. Silverwood’s recently published tome, “Whistleande Valley, A History.”

While I have taken great pains to record the information the quaint, yet stoic residents of Whistleande Village have offered me, I must beg allowances for fallacy. Some families seemed reluctant or refused to supply a full account of their ancient homeland. Perhaps it is because I am a Southerner, from the lowlands by the sea. This homely mountain folk have had fair reason to distrust my kin in the past.

December 9th: Twitter Chat 8-9 PM ET #ScarredBeauty

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We're launching the Book Tour for THE SECRET HE KEEPS by JULIEANN DOVE!

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Book Tour Launch for
The Secret He Keeps
By Julieann Dove

Dane has loved Rachel for years and is hoping that one day she will figure that out.
Come along with us and find out more about their story...

Tour Schedule

December 8th: Linda's Book Bag & Bottles & Books Reviews
December 9th: Kindle and Me
December 11th: Becky on Books & The Silver Dagger Scriptorium
December 12th: Nicole's Book Musings
December 13th: Book Lover in Florida & underneath the covers
December 14th: Grand Finale

Note from the Author

Welcome readers, it’s so great for you to join in on the fun!

I am especially excited for this book release because it was the very first book I composed when I took to the leap to becoming an author. The original idea has been tossed and turned and eventually manifested into something completely different from where it began. The characters never changed, but the plot certainly did. I feel as though I took an eight foot, fifty-pound mass of clay and sculpted it down to four feet, ten pounds. It was a great journey, though! By the end, I knew each of my characters as if they were residents in my own house. (Rachel is a bit lazy, and Dane is extremely sexy!)

— Julieann

We're launching the Book Tour for THIS IS NOT A WEREWOLF STORY by SANDRA EVANS!

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Book Tour Launch for
This is Not a Werewolf Story
By Sandra Evans

Come along with us for some fun mixed with mystery at this
boarding school where everything isn't quite what it seems...

Tour Schedule

Author Interview

1. What is your motivation behind This is Not a Werewolf Story? Why did you want to write it?

This book is the product of long conversations with my 9 year old son, a few springs back. He had come home from school having read a picture book about a knight who becomes a werewolf over the weekend. I knew the story well—I had researched it while working on a doctorate in medieval French literature. I could see how much he liked it. Since we had been talking about writing a book together for a while, we decided to adapt the story-- Marie de France’s 12th century fairy tale Bisclavret-- into a middle grade novel.

In the end, it was a game I played with my son. He is a great listener, and an even better speaker, and he loved giving me ideas. The rules were simple—keep the essential features of the medieval tale but modernize it and locate it in the Pacific Northwest.

2. What do you hope readers take with them after they’ve read it?

I hope readers will want to visit Whidbey Island and Fort Casey. I hope they’ll think about the importance of preserving our national parks and the animals that seek refuge there. I hope some kids will feel reassured that even if your family isn’t 100% normal and maybe your parents and the people taking care of you aren’t doing a great job 100% of the time, that you’ll be okay, that you’ll find your people eventually, and that sometimes they are already around you. Also that, yes, we change. We change all the time, but part of us stays the same. So don’t be afraid to grow up. You’ll still be there when you get there.

3. Do you have a favorite scene that you can share with us?

My favorite scene is probably in the classroom with Ms. Tern. It’s a scene I had to edit heavily but could never bring myself to cut entirely. I developed the figure of Ms. Tern late in the revision process of the story, when I had begun teaching in a public high school for the first time. Prior to that I had been a Visiting Assistant Professor at a private liberal arts college. It was a tough transition, and I created her as my double—someone who was competent in many areas of life, but totally overwhelmed by a class of 25 adolescents. In addition, I wanted to link her to the heartbreaking story of Lolita and the Penn Cove Massacre, an event that took place close to the day I was born. I wanted Ms. Tern to share and deepen the connection I feel to that event and my wish that Lolita can one day go home.

4. If you could sum the book up in one sentence, what would you say?

My favorite one sentence summary of the book was written by Mariah Manley for her review in School Library Journal : “Heartfelt, enigmatic, and ethereal, Evans’s excellent debut novel takes readers on a roller coaster of emotion and keeps them guessing the whole way through.” Those first three adjectives, when I read them, gave me such a feeling of being understood. That was exactly what I wanted a reader to feel and say about this story. It gave me goosebumps.

5. Share something about you that is unique - maybe about how/where you write... or favorite snack foods?

I write in a little room upstairs on a computer that has no internet connection. One wall is a window that looks out over a mile of rooftops and telephone wires down the hill to a bay where a humpback whale just took up residence for a week, and where herons and harbor seals fish. In the yard directly under that window, there’s a holly tree that is fiercely busy with sparrows and finches. So my view while I write is a microcosm of the domestic and the wild.

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On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Book Tour Grand Finale for
Silver River Secrets
By Linda Hope Lee

We hope you enjoyed the excerpts from Lacey's and Rory's story and readers' reviews!
If you missed any of the stops or entering the giveaway, go check them out now...

Launch - Note from the Author

I often get ideas for stories from a setting, and such was the case with Silver River Secrets. On a trip to Idaho, I visited a small town nestled between two mountain ranges and bordered by a beautiful river. An old, two-story farmhouse there caught my eye. An abandoned house, built in the ‘forties and still standing, even though in disrepair.

“SHE’S B-A-ACK,” Sam Porter announced.

“That so?” Rory Dalton didn’t bother to look up from under the hood of Sam’s ’66 Ford Mustang. Instead, he focused on installing the car’s new water pump.

“Yep. She’s just about to head over the bridge. Aren’t you gonna come look?”

Just then, she looked up to the hilltop. Rory jumped back, hoping she hadn’t spotted him. He didn’t want her to think he had the slightest interest in her return to Silver River.

Sam shoved his hands into his pockets and rocked back on his heels. “Wonder how long she’ll be here this time.”

“She never stays more than a week. Just long enough to check on her grandmother.”

I Am A Reader - Excerpt

LACEY MORGAN HEADED down Main Street with the image of Rory Dalton imprinted on her mind. She hadn’t intended to look up at his auto shop when she rounded that last curve in the highway, but she had, and there he had been, gazing down at her as though he’d been waiting for her to drive by. Which was crazy. Why should he care that she’d come to town again? He knew she made the trip from Boise to Silver River periodically to visit her grandmother. When their paths crossed, they said little more than a brief “hello.”

Heidi Reads... - Excerpt

“But to be reminded whenever you look out the window...”

“Sophie, not a day goes by that I don’t think about what happened in that house.”

“I’m sorry, honey, so sorry. But I do wish you could put the past behind you.”

Lacey shook her head and bit her lower lip. “Not possible.”

Sophie stepped close and put her arm around Lacey’s shoulders. “You know Hugh and I were friends with your parents, hon. We used to go out together. And, okay, your dad was a hothead sometimes, but we put up with him. No question we loved your mom. Nobody mourned her death more than we did. I miss her to this day. But don’t you think it’s time for you to move on?”

“If only I could prove his innocence...”

“Let it go, Lacey.”

Lacey squeezed her eyes shut. “I can’t. I just can’t.”

"This book did a good job of capturing and holding my attention. I really enjoyed the story. . . . I would definitely recommend this book to all readers. I give it a literary rating of 5/5."

Falling Leaves - Excerpt

Lacey sighed. “I just don’t feel comfortable in this town.”

“I know, honey. Sometimes, when I get to thinking about the past, I don’t, either.” Gram looked down at her hands.

“But it’s different for you. Having your son-in-law accused of murder is not the same as having your father, your flesh and blood, accused.”

“Not accused, dear. Convicted,” Gram said in a reproving tone.

"If I had just one word for this book it would probably be gentle. Harlequin Heartwarming line is perfect for a gentle, clean romance. This book has a bit of mystery thrown in but it never became heart pounding or intense. It stayed well within the gentle and calm boundaries."

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It's the Grand Finale for LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS by STACY HENRIE!

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Book Tour Grand Finale for
Love for All Seasons
By Stacy Henrie

Love is something that is perfect for every season of the year. We hope you enjoyed finding out more about this newest novella collection set during each of the four seasons. If you missed any of the excerpts or review, go back and check them out now...

Launch - Note from the Author

In these four novellas - one for each season of the year - you'll meet four couples who overcome a myriad of obstacles to love with faith and determination. Each story takes place in a different time period and setting, one that I felt really showcased that particular season.

"I love this author's writing style and loved how well the novellas came together into stories that felt complete. For as much as I complain about certain seasons (namely winter because I hate being freezing cold all of the time...and maybe autumn because right now, I'm pretty tired of raking leaves), I LOVE having seasons. There are things that I love about each and every one and having a sweet story set in each season is truly magical."

Heidi Reads... - Review

"Love for All Seasons was a perfect reading experience! . . . It was too hard to pick a favorite from the four stories set in each of the four seasons, so I recommend reading them all and deciding for yourself ;) Can't wait to read more from this author!"

"I enjoyed each novella very much and won’t even try to pick a favorite. Love for All Seasons is filled with sweet, touching stories – perfect for any time of the year when you’re looking for a satisfying shorter read."

Bookworm Lisa - Review

"I loved this anthology! The stories are short and super sweet. I loved all of the characters and wanted to see their romances bloom. The book has a romance for each season of the year."

"If you are looking for some sweet historical romances, set in different eras, tied together with a similar inspirational thread, look no further than Love For All Seasons by Stacy Henrie. It’s a collection that easily be read in one sitting, but you’ll also find yourself wanting to savor each story, reluctant to leave the characters behind. An excellent set of novellas, all four strong and each one unique."

Samantha knew the voice without turning. It was Rex. Her best friend. Her longtime neighbor. And the boy she’d bested as many times as she’d lost to during their shared years at the one-room schoolhouse up the road. Their competitive dares hadn’t ended, either, when Rex, two years her senior, had graduated. Though Samantha had enjoyed being the shining star of the classroom for those two years.

If he stayed here long enough, maybe Mr. Whitefield would give up the idea of Rex accompanying Samantha, in this too-small sleigh, for the evening.

Not that he didn’t want to help deliver the gifts—he hated to see the older man’s traditional
Christmas Eve activity halted by illness, and Rex agreed that Samantha shouldn’t go out alone.
But tonight’s outing would make keeping his promise to stay away from Samantha impossible.

Wishful Endings - Excerpt

Tempest leapt up to find the hammer sitting innocently on top of the ledger at the far end of the counter. “Aha.” She lifted the tool off the account book and brandished it in the air in triumph. She’d remembered after all.

“Do you greet all of your customers as if you mean to bash them over the head?”

"As always, Henrie delivers lovely and wonderful stories that readers will absolutely love. I would recommend this magnificent novella collection to readers that enjoy Henrie’s previous work, as well as are fans of historical romance stories."

Bram charged into the street, heedless of the traffic, his bag of unneeded nails gripped inside his hand. He hadn’t expected his competition to be a woman. And certainly not one as passionate and pretty as Tempest Blakely. When she’d leapt up from behind the counter, brandishing that hammer like some fierce Roman goddess, he quite forgot his purpose in entering the store in the first place.

Mel's Shelves - Review

"Even though the stories are short, they feel complete. The characters and situations are so different and I enjoyed each one of them. I loved how faith and belief in God played an important role in each of their stories. This is the type of book you can enjoy in bits and pieces or all at once. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading clean, historical romance!"

Bookworm Nation - Excerpt

After gathering up the bundle of towels and clean linens to deliver to the next room, Loralee slipped out the door—only to crash into a firm chest clad in a damp bathing shirt. A hand clasped her elbow to keep her from joining the towels and sheets that had spilled onto the carpet.

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We're launching the Book Tour for SCARRED BEAUTY by JENNIFER SILVERWOOD!

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Book Tour Launch for
Scarred Beauty
By Jennifer Silverwood

Vynasha's journey continues in this Beauty and the Beast retelling.
Come along with us to find out more about this fantasy world...

Tour Schedule

December 4th: Wishful Endings & Falling Leaves
December 8th: Grand Finale
December 9th: Twitter Chat 8-9 PM ET #ScarredBeauty

Do you create fanart? 

Jennifer is offering extra entries on her tour giveaway and a special giveaway
during the Twitter Chat to one lucky artist! Post your fanart and share with
Jennifer on social media (@JennSilverwood on Twitter and Tumblr and
silverwoodj on Facebook). Look for inspiration and see her posts on Tumblr.

In the meantime, check out the book trailer for Scarred Beauty:

A Merry Christmas Military Book Giveaway - Extended!

We're spreading the word about
A Merry Christmas Military Book Giveaway!

(This has been extended through to December 10th instead of ending today.)

Author Donna Hatch, along with a bunch of other authors, are honoring those serving in the US Military overseas who won't be home for the holidays, by giving away books! It's a small "Thank you!" for their service.

Find out more, see what books are available, and enter the giveaway HERE.